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A Quick Lunch Break || Kurtbastian

After a rather horrible first hearing (the judge was giving Sebastian one more chance to come up with substantial evidence or the case would be settled out of court in favor of Adele), Sebastian had been on edge. He’d taken a cab from the courthouse to his office, and once he’d gotten there, he walked over towards his office where his secretary had a desk just outside of it and was rather frustrated. The desk was empty save for the computer and telephone, and there was a fucking Post-It note saying that his secretary had quit. Sebastian was seething by the time he got in his office, and he slammed the door shut as he stalked towards his desk and pulled out his iPhone. He sent a text message to Kurt to ask (or rather, demand) that he bring him a strong coffee and some sort of lunch. After that, Sebastian just signed on to his computer and tried to make sense of the dozens of threatening emails from various workers and investors at the law firm.


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    Sebastian was calm and content where he was, thanks in large part to Kurt that afternoon and evening, and he held him...